Dasdhunga - Nepali Movie (2010) - Full Movie

Dasdhunga - Nepali Movie Full

Dasdhunga is a critically acclaimed Nepali Movie starring Dayahang Rai and Amar Lama. The Movie is directed by Manoj Pandit and produced by Apil Bista. Based on a political backdrop,Dasdhunga is a movie that unfolds the untold and almost forgotten tragic tale of Madan-Ashrit, before their sun- sat forever,causing their mysterious death in Dasdhunga, Chitwan. Watch the full Movie below.

Dasdhunga Nepali Movies TV

Casts : Anup Baral, Kiran Kunwar, Dayahang Rai, Sanchita Luitel, Saugat Malla
Directed by : Manoj Pandit
Producer : Apil Bista

Watch full Nepali Movie Dasdhunga below.

Dasdhunga - Nepali Movie Part 1 

Dasdhunga - Nepali Movie Part 2

Movie Synopsis

Dasdhunga - Nepali Movie released in 2010 in Nepal was Premiered in Kumari Hall in Kathmandu. The movie was successful to gain the attention of great political leaders of the country. A movie based on the popular Dasdhunga event, it aimed to appeal for the reinvestigation of the case to find the truth. Dashdhunga event was a nation shocking event as the country lost two great leaders, i.e. Madan Bhandari (General Secretary of Communist Party of Nepal, United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML)) and central committee member Jeeb Raj Ashrit. The death still remains as a mystery. Source Nepali Blogger
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